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I’ve been working with Trice for just one year and am amazed by my progress. And it’s all to do with her approach: a system that’s simple, effective and dare I say enjoyable.  She makes it palatable and possible to shift behavior, reach goals, and reap rewards.  I’m continuously embarking on opportunities that would not have seemed possible before Cdlofs.


Thanks to her coaching I have become much more financially aware, active and therefore effective.


As an artist, having an advisor who can translate and reframe financial considerations has altered how I think about and manage money for the better.


Trice has the ability to morph to the needs of each individual and she does so by getting to know who you are as a person as opposed to only what you look like on paper.


My financial future and dreams are more attainable because of Trice and I can’t wait to see what the next year brings as we work together.

Jackie K


IVY is a great place to learn about your finances. The system is very easy and simple to follow. IVY  sets you up for the month, and gives you action steps to take which are all easy for you to handle. IVY developed a plan for me pay off my credit card debt and student loan debt which will allow me to be debt free before I am 31 all with a minimal salary!


You can maintain a budget, save for retirement, pay off debt and still have the funds for fun! I always thought that since I was having fun, I would wait and save for retirement later, but  IVY showed me that you can do both! Finances used to stress me out! I felt so overwhelmed that I lived life paycheck to paycheck.  Now I am paying off my debt and feel stress free!

jean c


My husband and I have been working with Trice @ IVY  for about two and half years,  and it has been a real game changer!  Prior to working with Trice, we were  completely disorganized about our finances, struggling with credit card and student loan debt, and had minimal savings.  Trice helped us think through our short term and long term financial goals and take action.


Since we started we have wiped out all credit card debt, cut the student loans by more than half and have quadrupled our savings! 


Our monthly calls helps us stay on track and focused.  Trice not only has extensive financial planning knowledge, but we appreciate her down to earth and approachable style.  Her insight and guidance has been invaluable to us!

nicole X


Where do I begin?  Try 3 years ago when I was a working single mom, utterly clueless about money.  When I saw how much debt I was in, I wanted to cry.  Actually I DID cry.  A LOT.  I wasn’t scared of the debt, I was terrified I was never getting out of it. As it turned out, I COULD get out of it.  I just needed a little help. In the 3 years since I’ve been working with IVY, my results have been nothing short of amazing.


I’ve increased my investments to over $25K, raised my credit score 70 points, started my own business, and am financing my life with cash, not credit!  Watching debt disappear is a truly outstanding feeling. I encourage everyone to try it.


I had to work hard and make changes, but the payoff is that I now feel educated and empowered to make smart financial decisions without sacrificing fun or my generous spirit. I’m still a working single Mom, but I’m now thoughtful and responsible about my money.  To say this has been life changing is an understatement.  Not only do I know I will be debt free, I know I will be wealthy.

Emily F


In one year, IVY has helped me build an “oxygen mask”, pay off student loans and credit card debt, all while letting me pursue my love of travel, and multiplying tenfold my net worth.


This service has changed the way I look at and feel about money. I don’t feel strapped by cash, waiting for the next paycheck to come in. IVY teaches concepts very clearly, so you make informed, confident decisions about money, taking into account the necessaries but also the rewards.  Trice guides and coaches you each month to build a strong financial base that becomes second nature very quickly.


It’s no longer about saving my money for the next big thing, or the emergency, only to start over again once it’s come to pass, but how my income can work harder, be sustained and actually work for me, instead me working for the money. It’s liberating!I love that taking care of finances and budgeting doesn’t feel like a chore anymore. But what I love most about this service is that I am in complete control of the journey I’m taking.


Jessica Yoo

Do you wonder where all your money goes? Want to save money for future? Work with Trice!

Before I started to work with her my stress level was through the roof. Just thinking about money gave me a headache. Because of the nature of my business it’s hard to project my monthly income. Trice helped me smooth out my cash flow making my stress vanish and my bank balance go up!She created financial plan to help me achieve my yearly goals, and then broke them down into manageable steps. I know exactly  what I have to do each month to achieve my goal. Money used to be overwhelming.  Now I look forward to my next financial report with her.



If you’re someone who spends more than you make even when you REALLY try to stick to a budget, you’re probably like me. It’s been about a year since I started using IVY services. When I started the Millionaire Boot camp  program I was spending 130% of what I was making. It’s amazing how dinner or drinks can add up to hundreds of dollars before you know it.After years of overspending I finally came to the conclusion that I needed some financial guidance. I chose IVY  for several reasons,


1) It’s personal. I like to get the 1-on-1 personal time. It’s really good coaching on how to reprogram your thinking about money.

2) You’re made accountable. Your personal goals are what power the system. IVY  empowers you to reach them.

3) The money back guarantee. I have to admit I tried the system because I had nothing to lose. And anyone who is willing to giving you your money back for trying it I figured was a good bet.

Kate M


Working with IVY  has been amazing. I have been a  Millionaire Boot camp client  for over 4 years and Trice has helped me increase my financial stability and wealth considerably.


Trice explains things in easy to understand terms, is supportive, and pushes me to be financially successful. There is no way I would be where I am today with Trice’s help. I have started a solid retirement fund, a college fund for my daughter, and am making my money work for me and my family! She strikes just the right balance with saving and spending.

I cannot recommend her services more highly. If you want to improve your finances and your overall quality of life, then Millionaire Boot camp  is the way to go! Thank you for everything! Kate M.,  Hope, Rhode Island



I will start off with saying, my husband and I are both savers, have decent jobs, and generally consider ourselves to be “good with money.” So I was skeptical that IVY could really change our financial outlook. Boy was I wrong!!


Within the first three months we significantly reorganized our finances, are putting more into retirement, and have opened a investment fund for our daughter’s education. On top of all this we have reduced our monthly spending by $550, without feeling a pinch!


IVY has given me financial tools to make our money work for us.  Without IVY  I don’t know that I would have had the know-how to take things into my own hands and take the steps to achieve our financial dreams (and freedom). Now I feel like my husband are in the driver’s seat, deciding exactly how our financial future will be with IVY guiding us along the way.

Cosmin Bita


IVY completely changed the way I think about money. I have always been completely unaware of how much I spend, and I was going deeper and deeper into debt until 2 years ago when IVY helped me take  control of my finances. No more credit card, no more ATM card, but Trice’s famous “weekly bounty”. I felt like a cripple without my cards. Then came the…… graphics, the in depth calculations of how much I spend yearly for Starbucks, for cigarettes, for alcohol and so on.


I realized I was throwing away more than half my money on things that I didn’t need or really want! And so do all the people I know. IVY is the best investment I ever made.   I highly recommend.

Lucas V


I was so far in debt when I signed up for Millionaire Boot camp that I wondered if I could afford to spend money on someone who was supposed to help me save/make money. I never looked back.


At the end of one year, not only was I out of debt, but I had 8,000 in my bank account. It’s amazing how much a taste of financial freedom has changed the rest of my life. I guess I never realized how much of my time and energy was being taken up by worrying about money.

Hayley B


I highly recommend IVY! It’s a personalized and achievable approach to success in personal finance.  I live all around the county and have monthly appointments via Sykpe.I stumbled upon IVY while on a travel assignment in NYC.


I had a well paying job but I was still racking up the debt monthly. I called IVY and signed up for the “Millionaire Boot camp”. I have since gotten out of debt and now actively watching my wealth grow.  It is by far one of the smartest decisions I have made in my “adult” life!



IVY has been supporting my financial life for two years now and I can’t speak highly enough for the program.  I have overstepped my fears about money and learned to look it in the face. Millionaire Boot camp  is the complete package – financial advice on the practical level, financial counseling on the psychological, even financial support for the spiritual aspects of wealth. No aspect of money is outside of Trice’s scope.
Each year, the advice, and support has earned me more money that I spend for the service. It actually pays for itself!