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Does this sound like you?

Do you feel like your investing ``in the dark?``

Do you just wish someone would figure it all out and tell you exactly how to maximize your investments?

Would you like to become more educated about investing?

Are you worried that your making investing mistakes?

You have come to the right place.

Invest wisely


Portfolio Builder is a customized portfolio package that helps you develop a investment strategy to control five factors that greatly affect your return: fees, time, timing, asset allocation and fund selection.

What’s Included


A personal investment strategy, a risk tolerance evaluation, customized asset allocation, fund selection, and timing strategy’s that are tailored to your investment goals.



The Portfolio Builder is scheduled in 3 one hours sessions, allowing you to process the information, and ask questions before implementing.

The formula for a winning portfolio


Fact finding: Identifying the target

Risk assessment quiz

Constructing the timeline

Quantifing the cost of time

Minimizing fees

Customized asset allocation

Timing Formulas: How to buy low, sell high without adding risk

Personal Fund selection

Confident investing


Emotions can reek havoc on your investments. That’s why it’s essential to have an investment strategy. A strong investment strategy minimizes low returns caused by selling/ buying based on how you feel.


Portfolio Builder creates a strategy that is personalized to your parameters, but, most importantly, you understand the underlying mechanics of why the strategy works. This eliminates guessing, and gives you confidence to “hold the position.”
Investing, once intimidating, can easily become empowering when you have a defined strategy.

Start now. Be rich.


To be successful in investing you must learn to see time as another player in the game.  He will work 24/7 without complaint, and he will work for free! But you must give him direction!  Fail to abide this request, and he is likely to work silently, and mischievously against you. To make it easier to see I’m going to show you an example.



Imagine you started investing $250 a month. Today.



The table below illustrates the impact of time on your wealth. In both examples the variables are the same.  The only difference is when the you got started. Today  vs. 3 years from now.


Earn  $500 per hour

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  • Portfolio Builder
  • $2295flat fee
    •  2 one hour sessions with CFP ®
    • Risk assessment evaluation
    • Asset allocation & Fund selection
    • Funding Strategy
    • Timing strategy’s  tailored to your portfolio.