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Money tips, and inspiration delivered to your inbox weekly.

Does this sound like you?

Do you just wish someone would figure it all out, and tell you exactly how to achive your financial goals?

Would you love an easy way to become smarter, and more educatated about your finances?

When a financial fire arose do you wish you could just call your financial adviser, and have them help you solve your problem?

Do you wish you had some way to work on your finances with your Spouse, without all the conflict?

Would you love a easy way to stay on track, and engaged with your finances?

Do you want to ``cut to the chase`` and only hear the information that will directly impact your situation?

You have come to the right place.

Freedom’s Fast track


Millionaire Boot camp ™ is a personalized service designed to help you achieve your top 3 financial goals in 1 year. 


Complete with 1 hour monthly  jam sessions that add accountability, consistency, and clarity. While, at the same time, cultivating  a real world financial education leaving you financially savvy, and in the driver seat of your financial future.  Get started now. Your goals are just a heart beat away.


Start from $25K in debt to $100K +.

Whats included

Each month your  financial planner, Trice Pruitt CFP ® , will guide you towards turning your financial goals into a reality.



In the first 2 months you will learn how to read, and use, two essential documents that are the bedrock of Millionaire Boot camp.™  This will allow you to easily stay on track, and create a budget that works. Over the following months you will learn formulas, and guiding principles that are selected to help you reach your financial goals fast.



  • A holistic evaluation of your financial strengths and weakness
  • Identify your money blueprint, and it’s effects on your wealth
  • Millionaire boot camp ™ system
  • Monthly  1 hour skype sessions
  •  CFP ®  recommend action steps
  • Ongoing monthly support

See reality to change reality: reading personal balance sheets

Bounty! Money for pure pleasure

Budgets that work: the map to wealth

The emotional advantage

Oxygen mask: Consistent cash flow

Crush debt forever formula. It's easier than you think!

Saving formula: save 2x as much, without feeling the pinch

The power of $.08 - Start with a little, end up with a lot

The POWER of guessing

Solving the riddle: short vs. long-term money

Happily Pessimistic: calculating risk to come out ahead

Free money: See it to capture it. It's all around you

Drama free finances

Do you feel that even something as simple as “ Did you remember to pay that bill?”  comes off as nagging. So, most times you just drop it. You don’t want the fight.


I hear you.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.


One of the best perks about the working with a financial adviser is the advice is coming from a third impartial third party. The advice is solely based on your family’s stated goals.  Having the recommended course of action  come from a professional advisor helps reduce possible disputes over which course of action to take.  This makes it easer to stay on track, and progress swifter. 

Make your money work for you


There are so many moving parts to your finances that it can easily be overwhelming. Millionaire  Boot camp ™ has distilled the information down to the core elements that are needed to make your money work for you.



By simply doing the action steps on your golden ticket each month you will naturally become more astute. It’s as if an invisible world becomes visible.



Something that once seemed intimidating can easily become empowering when someone is showing you the way, one bite-size, easy to implement,  piece of information at a time.

Do what you love

Do you long to quit your job, and do work that is more rewarding, but don’t know how that is financial possible?


This is a beautiful side effects of well organized finances.


When you have a budget that works, and your finances are organized, it’s easy to stay on track allowing you to save more than you ever though possible. What most clients don’t even realize is that they are easily living on less. From this point it’s just one short calculation to determine when you can make your escape and start doing what you love.

Earn  $500 per hour

The average person makes $25 a hour.  Learning Millionaire Boot camp™ has the capability of making you earn $500 hour.  You work hard enough.  Make your money work for you.

$ Earned Per Hour Of Work0
Average Time Clients Invest Monthly0
  • Millionaire Boot camp ™
  • $499monthly
    • Monthly 1 hour meeting with CFP ®
    • Millionaire Boot camp ™ system
    • Financial plan tailored to your goals
    • Customized golden tickets to get your goal fast
    • Build in accountability with ongoing monthly support
  • DIY Millionaire Bootcamp ™
  • $299Flat Fee
    • 1 year of service delivered to your inbox monthly
    • Millionaire Boot camp ™  system
    • 12 Golden tickets with CFP ® recommended action
    • Net worth tracker and personal balance sheet

110% Money Back Guarantee

We invite you to think of IVY as a investment. With investments you should always be looking for a ROI. ( Return on investment.) Give us a try. If you are not 100% satisfied with our products simply return, within 30 days, and we will refund you 110%. It’s as simple as that.


You have nothing to lose. Everything to gain.

Give your fiances wings