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How fast will my financial situation change?



The feeling of being on the right path can significantly reduce stress levels seemingly overnight. In as little as three months you can see your net worth start to grow, and by years end you can see substantial results. Of course, results vary from client to client.



“You start to feel like you’re not alone. That you don’t have to figure it all out. Everything is simplified, and this gives you a sense of control over your finances.” –Sarah P

I work hard. I don’t want to stop living! I love traveling and going out, will I still be able to do these things?


Yes! Life is made for living. This is the core principle on which the IVY system was built.   That is why we created a system that allows you to have both. Living for today, while creating your financial dream life. It’s actually essential to your success to still feel like you’re living. Why? Becoming financially free does not happen overnight.   The million dollar question is:


Are you willing to make minor changes to achieve your financial dreams?



If you answered yes. There is a great chance that investing in IVY will give you an incredible ROI. However, if you answered No.  This would not be a suitable investment for you.

How can I afford to pay for a Financial Advisor when I keep slipping into debt and have to use my savings to pay it off? Let alone save as much as I want!

IVY identifies the weakness in your financial profile, and show you how to fix them allowing more resources to allocate towards your goals.  Even if your already doing a great job their  are advanced strategies that we introduce to make your money work harder.


“ I thought, “I have no finances to speak of, so how can I afford to spend money for financial advice?” The answer is that I couldn’t afford NOT to, and if you’re like I was – avoiding opening bank statements and bills in the mail, hating on your rich friends – you can’t afford not to get help either. Signing up is the hardest part, but that’s only because IVY makes the rest cake.  You never feel judged or ashamed because of your spending habits. IVY arms you with facts and actual useful tools.  Buying that package was a true investment piece” — Ali F.


“I will start off with saying, my husband and I are both savers, and good with money. So I was skeptical if IVY could help. Boy was I wrong!   In  three months we have significantly increased our retirement contribution,  started investing in our daughter’s education, and reduced our monthly spending by $550!  Without  IVY don’t know that I would have had the know-how to take things into my own hands. Now I feel like my husband are in the driver’s seat of our financial future.” — Michelle H.

Isn’t money just about exercising self control, to save and not to spend?



Although self discipline and saving are necessary to “get in the game”  they alone will not produce the freedom you desire.  It’s easier to see on people that are already there. Look at the wealthy. Do they look like they are sitting around exercising extreme discipline and saving all their money?  The wealthy are masters at making their money work hard for them. It’s these tools that we utilize to help you take your finances to the next level.

saving money in piggy bank

What is the financial background of the clients you serve?

Our clients yearly income ranges from $60,000- $200,000K with a wide range of occupations include: real estate agents, nurses, bartenders, actors, IT Managers, Teachers, Small business owners, environmental engineers, and executive assistants to name a few.

Starting Net worth can range from:  -$25K to $500,000K +