Ivy | DIY Millionaire Boot camp™
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Money tips, and inspiration delivered to your inbox weekly.

Does this sound like you?

Does your financial situation stress you out?

Does it feel like you will never get out of debt?

Do you find yourself saying, `` I just don't know where my money goes?``

Would you like easy way to stay on track with your finances?

Would you like to crush the credit card debt forever?

Do you wish you could save more?

Do you want to feel smart about money, and make your money work for you?

You have come to the right place.

Stress free living.


Make your top 3 financial dreams come true with your virtual financial adviser. Crush your debt, save more than you ever thought possible, and make your money work for you, while still living your fabulous life.


It’s not about working harder, or mustering up more self control. Millionaire boot camp™ provides you with an organized foundation that makes it easy to stay on track, and gives you the financial education needed to achieve your goals.  Start feeling smart with your money!

What’s Included

For 1 year your virtual financial planner, Trice Pruitt CFP ® , will guide you towards turning your dreams  into a reality.



In the first 2 months you will learn how to read, and use, two essential documents that are the bedrock of Millionaire Boot camp.™  This will allow you to easily stay on track, and create a budget that works. Over the following months you will learn the  4 formulas, and 6 guiding principles that help make your money work harder.




It’s fun to learn because the information is delivered in bite size pieces, that make implementation easy, not overwhelming.

  • 1 year of service delivered to your inbox monthly
  • Millionaire boot camp ™ system
  • Downloadable PDF of each lesson
  • 12 monthly reports & 12 golden tickets with  recommended action
  • Personal Balance & Net Worth tracking sheets

Being in control is easy with these tools.

See reality to change reality -- personal balance sheets

Bounty! Money for pure pleasure

Budgets that work: the map to wealth

The emotional advantage

Oxygen mask -- money to breathe

Crush credit card the debt forever. It's easier than you think!

The power of $.08- start with a little,end up with alot

The POWER of guessing

Happy pessimistic -- calculating risk to come out ahead

How to solve 90% of your cashflow problems

Free money: See it to capture it. It's all around you

Creating a 800+ credit score

Still living



For a plan to work it has to be sustainable. Think of going to the gym. You can’t go once, and be done. If you want that fly body you have to go for a few months. If you feel like you’re “in hell,” you’re going to quit before the results materialize.  It’s exactly the same with money.


It’s essential  to your success that you feel like you’re enjoying life, guilt free, while becoming fabulously debt free. This core principle is the bedrock of the IVY systems.


You don’t have to figure anything out. It is embedded into the system.

No judgements



If you have tried to get out of debt before, and failed. It’s not your fault.  You can get out of debt. The failure, most likely, happened because you were relying on willpower. Let me tell you a fundamental truth.



” Willpower will run out. That’s a fact.”



However, if you learn how to make your money work for you willpower will dwarf to it’s natural proportions.  The only reason you haven’t been successful, yet, is because you are missing a couple key steps.  ( That you have never been taught!)


Stop feeling bad and start feeling smart with your money.



There are so many moving parts to your finances that it can easily be overwhelming. Millionaire  Boot camp ™ has distilled the information down to the core elements that are needed to make your money work for you.



By simply doing the action steps on your golden ticket each month you will naturally become more astute. It’s as if an invisible world becomes visible.




Something that once seemed intimidating can easily become empowering when someone is showing you the way, one bite-size, easy to implement,  piece of information at a time.

Earn $500 per hour

A good job will pay you $25 an hour.  Learning Millionaire Boot camp™ has the capability of making you earn $500 hour.  You work hard enough.  Make your money work for you.


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Average Time Clients Invest Monthly 0
  • Millionare Bootcamp ™
  • $499monthly
    • Monthly 1 hour meeting with CFP ®
    • Millionaire Boot camp ™ system
    • Customized golden tickets to get your goal fast
    • Build in accountability with ongoing monthly support
  • DIY Millionare Boot camp ™
  • $299Flat fee
    • 1 year of service delivered to your inbox monthly
    • Millionaire Boot camp ™  system
    • 12 Golden tickets with CFP ® recommended action
    • Net worth tracker and personal balance sheet

110% Money Back Guarantee

We invite you to think of IVY as a investment. With investments you should always be looking for a ROI. ( Return on investment.) Give us a try. If you are not 100% satisfied with our products simply return, within 30 days, and we will refund you 110%. It’s as simple as that.


You have nothing to lose. Everything to gain.