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About me

I grew up in the snow covered wilderness of Libby, Montana. I noticed early in life that money was a source of stress for my parents. The stress came from the constant challenge to make ends meet.


Because of this, eliminating financial stress has always been an area of interest. So much, that the day I turned 16, I got a job at McDonald’s and started investing at Edward Jones.


When I moved to New York, in 2001, my interest in finance rose to a new level.  It was the home of $200 flip flops! It felt like it cost to breathe. The wealth people accumulated seemed mythical.  Like finding out your best friend has a pet unicorn.


My mind buzzed, how did “they” do that? I found that question so interesting that, with the help of a friend,  serendipitously named Mr. Worth, I  spent three years in the lair of millionaires and billionaires. This experience help me uncover a lot of illusions about money, and gain a real word experience of how to make my money work for me.


It was about this time that my best friend confessed that he had $19,000 of credit card debt. I offered to help. In his endearing European accent he replied, “ I don’t take charity.” “Then pay me.” I quipped.  “I can help you!”  Before I knew it IVY was created.


Professional Bio

Trice earned her B.F.A. at SCAD. She earned her Certificate of financial planning at NYU, and is a registered CFP ®. She is also a member of the F.P.A.

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What’s in the name




Although money was tight growing up,  there was an abundance of all the things money can’t buy. Family, love, and support. My parents instilled in us a strong financial education. They did such an an excellent job that my sister, Ivy, just 15 years old at the time, lent me the money to rent my first apartment. Thanks Ivy!


With each passing year I see more student loan debt.  The balances on the loans are crippling!  If education is about creating freedom, how free are future generations going to be if this trend continues? The name, IVY, reflects my commitment to give you the highest quality financial education that has the potential to put money in your pocket, and expand your freedom.


Being financially free is not about working harder, it’s about learning how to make your money work for you. The reason this statement draws a blank is most people have not been taught how.


Becoming wealthy is like mastering a sport. You will receive side perks, that you may enjoy as much as winning the game: Discipline, confidence, skill, and pride in your achievement.

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