Ivy | The tiny thought that will keep you trapped forever
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The tiny thought that will keep you trapped forever

The tiny thought that will keep you trapped forever

The tiny thought that will keep you financially trapped forever is… 

“I get paid on Friday.” It goes like this. Today is Wednesday. You get paid on Friday. Your BFF is having a birthday bash tonight, but you are flat out of cash until payday. You decide to go out tonight, put the bill on the credit card, and pay it off pronto!

Even if you only do it once a month, it will crush your freedom!  Actually, if this thought resonates with you, I would bet you a ten spot you have credit card debt. If this thought really resonates with you I would bet a hundred bones you have thousands of dollars of credit card debt for as long as you can remember.  Yes, you might have gotten out of it once or twice, but my guess is it has always bounced back.

Why do I feel so confident when I haven’t even seen your financial situation? Because it’s an inevitable truth. If you consistently pre-spend your income, even by once a month, eventually it will create debt because life is unpredictable. An unexpected expense is guaranteed to happen. When this expense pops up, you are unable to pay off the credit card.

When this happens, it’s common to try to correct the situation by vowing to pay it off by the end of next month. But, do you see what’s happening? You’re focusing on paying off the bill. That is never going to solve your problem. Of course you have to pay the bill, but it really doesn’t matter if it takes one month or one year because, if you don’t solve the root of the problem, the card won’t be paid off for long.

The root of the problem is the thinking, That’s what needs to be shifted. That’s all, and the debt will almost magically disappear. So, the next time that thought pops up, imagine that thought as it really is. A seductive siren calling you to the shore lined with freedom-crushing rocks. If you give in and steer your ship in her direction, she will pull you down. You might not even feel it. After all, all she needs is to make a small hole to sink a great ship.

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