Ivy | Five Painless Ways To Save More Money
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Five Painless Ways To Save More Money

Five Painless Ways To Save More Money

1. Stop spending money on things you don’t use. It sounds obvious, but we do it all the time. The biggest one I see is the gym. You don’t use it. But you’re going to start going on Monday. I have witnessed clients play this mental tape for years. If you’re not willing to commit to canceling try putting your membership on suspension for a month. Ask yourself, how hard would it be to go back and re sign-up? What do you have to lose? The hardest thing to give up is the “idea”  that you are going to use the gym on Monday!

2. Hook up with fairway. I am not a big coupon clipper myself. It’s too time consuming for the nominal reward. However, Fairway offers generous  discounts on your entire purchase. So, you don’t have search around for what’s “on sale”. You can happily buy beer and chestnuts, grab your 15% discount, and be on your way.

3. Pick-up the match!  If you get a match for your 401K and aren’t using it, use it! You literally double your money. No number is too small. $10 from each paycheck can become over $300 a year! In 5 years you’re easily on your way to $2000!

4. Prepare the world’s most delicious travel pack. Convenience comes with a price, and at no place is this more obvious than the airport. I have a theory about the airport. You are emotionally much more inclined to spend money because you already are mentally “on vacation.” I always tell myself I’m not going to buy anything. Like clockwork, I always found myself doing the exact opposite. Of course, 90% of the time I was sorely disappointed. The $17 bagel with lox was stale, and coated with that thick, cheap, type of lox.

Enter the world’s most delicious travel pack – sliced mango, jelly belly’s, fresh baked Ess-a bagels. Yes, you do have to plan a bit, but it’s not the money that’s motivating, it’s your taste buds! When I first started doing this, I got it wrong. I packed “what I should be eating” snacks. This did not stop me from buying at the airport. Remember, the real reason I was buying was because I felt like I was on vacation. So, for it to work you need to pack what your heart desires! This saves not only money, but it puts an end to the massive disappointment that comes with buying overpriced, tasteless, food.

5. Phone a friend. Often when I suggest this people respond with, “ I don’t want to bother them.” What they are really saying is I’m afraid that they will think I’m… cheap… needy… annoying… fill in the blank. Let me tell you a secret, people like helping other people. It makes them feel good. Especially if you are asking for something that doesn’t involve a big time commitment or expense to them. Added bonus, you will feel closer to the people in your life because of it.

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