Ivy | Dear Millionairess in the making,
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Dear Millionairess in the making,

Dear Millionairess in the making,

Dear Millionairess in the making,

Are you ever scared of situations out of your control? I grew up terrified of things outside of my control. Specifically war. I can remember seeing war footage on TV. I would go to my room and hide under my bed. It freaked me out! I was sure death was imminent. As I get older, I still feel that Taliban and their “friends” suck, but I’ve accepted the fact that I can’t control them.  Instead, I try to focus on the things that I can control. And, the one thing that I’m a master at controlling is money.  So, if money gives you hives, let me help because this is one fear that has no place in the land of the free.

Ending financial stress is a gift in itself. However, I would argue that the biggest gift money gives you is freedom. The freedom to stop being dependent on a paycheck! The freedom to do work you enjoy, not just work that pays well. The freedom to gift to our heart’s content. And ultimately the freedom to feel safe. Knowing that no matter what life throws at you, you hard-earned nest egg will be there to catch you if you fall. I want to help you attain these financial freedoms.

•    What financial stress would you like to eliminate?
•    What financial dream would you like to achieve, but don’t know how?
•    Maybe you’ve heard some “money advice” and just want validation that it’s true?

Send me your questions. I will start blogging my replies.

With Love and Magic,

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